Score Related Please help

I have scored 99.81 %(110 marks) in quants , 80.41%(76 marks) in verbal and 94.8%(56 marks)in problem solving total of 242 marks in elitmus do I need to give elitmus again or will this be enough to get calls from all companies??

This is more than enough. You don’t need to take it again.

sir pls let me knw how u have prepared for elitmus

Shreya firstly prepare for the individual topics and den start giving mock exams for elitmus with a time bound manner and practice as much as you can. It will help you

my scores

verbal - 48.5 (56.65 %le)
quant - 78.8 (98.3 %le)
reasoning - 67.8 (97.8 %le)

any chances for accenture shortlist ? i think my scores are very less in verbal !!

Your score is enough. If your college is there in the list and you overall academic is above 60% then they will shortlist you.

Hello sir,
I got in verbal 48 percentile, Quants 48 percentile and Problem Solving 98 percentile.
What are my chances??

I got less percentile in verbal ability

my scores are verbal - 44.21 %
problem solving - 86.93 %
Quant - 81.38 %

What are my chances of getting shortlisted for a company ? Do i need to retake the test for getting good percentile in verbal ?

please help me !!

With 168 score i am not getting call fron anywhere. Percentile alove 90.

I doubt it because there is a Attra drive tomorrow !! It is just showing as “Applied” not showing “Shortlisted or Not-shortlisted”…why are they doing that ???

I got 82.3 percentile in verbal, 83.4 percentile in quant and 4 percentile in reasoning which is very horrible, do I have to give elitmus exam again?

How to calculate the over all percentile in Elitmus??