Saral Technology


Any One got the call letter of Saral Technology Pune?


Not yet.
Any idea of cut-off?


No dont have any idea of cut off…R u here in Pune??
If u r then plz let me know that how can I get the info of off campuses and walkin drives in Pune.
I m new here dont have too much idea about this place…


I’m in Bangalore.


nidhi,from which college u did ur btech???and how much u scored in elitmus???have u get any calls from any company???


I scored 152.


I got call from 6 companies.
Packages within 4lpa.


okkk,have u selected in any of them.


where is RTU???are u frm which city???


I got the interview letter last night any ideas on what would be asked for the interview and how many days it would take


thomas what is ur score subject wise?


If some1 got the call letter then plz let me know the date of interview.
Thanks in advance.


Got a call, interview date 10th December


what is ur score romit?


Score please?


No, not yet.


Can you tell us what is your elitmus score ,those who have got the call from saral technologies?


Verbal: 91.37
Problem solving: 84.13
Quants: 62.82


Rohit bhai Rajasthan wale hi ho kya?


is this ur percentile or marks?