•Salary expected is not a number

•Salary expected is not a number. How do I overcome this error

Dont use commas n ol … just use digits

Unable to use digits or letters… it gives the error like this-

Please rectify the following errors and try again
Salary expected is not a number

Reply ASAP plz

not even working then if we don’t use commas

I am also facing the same issue. How to recover this issues. please reply

Can u use like 2.7k, 505K etc???

No u can’t use 2.7K. U need to use like 270000.

Thanks !

May be you writing in terms of LPA e.g., 3 or 4 etc.

but you have to write it completely e.g., 300000 or 400000 etc instead of any single digit number.

Thank you very much for helping me.Your idea is the correct one.

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