Result withheld - Document verification

I have written my test on 18th sep

My result status is withheld , I haven’t got my original document verified at the test centre on the exam date

Now they are asking to get it verified on one of the date they will tell at one of the exam centre

  • Anyone with whom same has happened ??
  • Any other means ( email ) to get them verified??
  • After how many days of verification result will be produced??

Please share the experience

same issue.
i took the test on 18th too at Bangalore.
i called them.
they said mine has been withheld because multiple answers have been marked by me for a particular question and hence my omr sheet will be evaluated manually.which would take some time.

@mohit_2573991 if your test centre was Bangalore then directly go Elitmus office for document verification or other than Bangalore then go to your previous test centre on next pH test date.

there’s no problem with my document verification they said

@richa_3197310 your case is different so you have to wait.

I have not received my result till now,
I have given my test on 15 jan,
and I have came to bangalore office for verification.
please management of the elitmus declare my result,
I have being trying out phone calls since one week, but the calls are note being recived and those who recive give another number to try and make my complain there. Please you guyz declare my result so that I can fill my next test accordingly.

Same happened with me…I gave exam on 20Aug in Delhi…
now where should i go for the verification process.??