Result withheld and i can't verify my document

I was take my test on 23 July 2017 at Jaipur Center and Registration ID is EL465149913773 . But My Result is withheld and I can’t verify my Document because it’s submitted in Bank due to Loan process so what can i DO any suggestion ???

You need to get your documents from bank as eLitmus only verifies your original documents and only after that they will release your score.

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But Bank doesn’t give original document till Loan Completeation So there is no way

Then chances are less. You can contact eLitmus , but I don’t think they will consider. Which document is with bank ?

U might not have submitted 10 and 12 marksheet and probqbly u will have any one year result of btech …let them take to e-litmus center they will verify

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Anand they don’t, it happened with my friend. He was having original marksheet of graduation,but Xerox of 10th and eLitmus held his score and only released when he verified original marksheet

Yes boss…but i mean he would not have submitted 10 amd 12 original to bank…as far i knw

Bank hold my Original mark sheet of 10&12 but i have original graduation provisional degree It is helpful