Result after hr round, Accenture on 13 july Bangalore

Did any one get any mail after hr round regarding whether selected or not?

No, I haven’t got yet

Hi.Did they take your resume?

Yes, they took it. Did they take yours?

Yeah they took my resume. They said by Monday you will get a mail but I did not receive any mail.

How was your hr interview?

Have they taken the resume of all the candidates after the hr round?

It was more like a discussion.How about yours?

I have no clue.Please let me know if you get any further communication from them.

One of my friends had attended the drive in kolkata and she got intimidated within 2days and she said only the selected ones get the mail…I am not very sure whether they are going to send the mail to everyone or not.

Yeah even ppl who attended Delhi drive on 6th got the mails within 2 days.

How much time they will take to declared the result.

They said within 2 to 3 days.But exactly I don’t know.

Any way to communicate to the hr or any Accenture team member?

If anybody gets a mail from accenture please do let me know.

Even i attended that drive, i did’t get any mail yet.Waiting for that…

I don’t think so.

What is your pH score?


please let me know if anyone receives a reply from Accenture