Result 19feb

When will the scores of 19 feb exam come out???

Really bro…no uptade frm elitmus till now…vry frustrating :expressionless:

Where is your test location?

I took my exam on 19th feb and got the result on 21st feb. My exam location in Bangalore.

Same here no result bro… My location was Bangalore as well

@yanamala_3309681 u have cleared the exam ?

How can we contact elitmus authority for the result ?

Yes, I cleared the exam.

They will update it in the website.

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May be you should contact them.
Call them;the number they provided in the website.

I have called them three times they didn’t receive my call . I wrote them email . Let’s see .

Please guys write them a mail and keep calling for result
Email - or
Call on - 91-7259 1047 92

Same here dude… Called up multiple times… No reply

Can you post the pic displaying your result…

i am also waiting for result…which is held on 19 feb 2017 in delhi but till date… there is no info about the result Declaration i am worried too about that.

Same here… no reply frm mail and no one picks the call

And your centre was where???
Any idea why this is happening

St.Joseph College is my centre.

I don’t know why you didn’t get your result yet. But, as far as I know it may take 3-4 weeks in other locations.

You should call them.

I tried calling them but no answer
My centre too was st joseph

My centre was also st. Joseph

Did anyone get the results of elitmus test conducted on 19 feb in hyderabad?