Remaxys drive Noida help Plz


Plz let me know that any one had attended the 18 Decemer drive of remaxys,
if yes then plzz tell me the process and what programs they ask in java
Thanks in advance.


Dude, How was it ?


Bhai m already asking that


i got a call too. But i have no knowledge about java. Is it worth attending the interview???


U have to be perfect with java.Thats why they are recuiting second time in this month.
I am in pune nd m not too much good with java thts why m also not going for it.


ohk buddy… n i didnt mention any java knowledge in my profile. then y do yu think he shortlisted us??


Am having a total of 134
Quant - 76%ile
Verbal - 43%ile
PS - 86%ile
B.Tech - 71% (cs)
Iam having project on Java…
Is there any chance for me to get shortlisted…?


Even I am new to this@rahul. I have no idea.
But you have good score. You will get calls. Don’t worry


Thanks @galavila_3170767 . Hope for the best.