Relevance lab result

Does any one got the result of final round of relevance lab??

Yes I got selected and had offered the call letter from them…

Congo brother and how many get selected…

6-7 were selected

after your interview how many days it took to get the offer letter?

What was interview procedure and level of difficulty?

Actually the whole process was held in elitmus.pvt limited office at bangalore for bangalore candidates.
The first round was aptitude + technical round and result was out in 5-6 days and further 2 tech interviews were held on same day.But the hr round was held after 4-5 days to tech round at their office.

There was 1 written mcq based on tech + aptitude
2 tech interviews
1 hr round

Level of Difficulty :- Medium

Thanks a lot @kislaya_3204160

Wish u luck for ur carrier .