Regarding my Chances


My percentile score is as follows:-
Verbal - 62.81
Problem Solving - 83.81
Quantitative - 49.84

What are my chances?
Can I get any call, at least from CGI.


If this is your score(not percentile) then you will definitely get call from many company.


dude u frm cse


What are your scores? 80 score is enough for CGI…


bro,can cgi call to those who have 71 overall score.


Two of my friends are placed in CGI although having only 80 score, I don’t know their cutoff.


okkk bro,tell me onething that will companies call to those who give elitmus more than 3 times???


because i have read somewhere that significant companies call to those who have no more than 3 attempts.


3 is max, many companies don’t prefer who have attempted more than thrice but from service based companies or mass recruiters u always have a hope from them to get a call


bt i have called to elitmus,on no. 07259104792 and they said u can give more than 3 times ,ur three latest scores will be shown to company…what shuld i do???


uu frm cse


My percentile score is:-
VA 63.3
PS 83.3
QA 50