Regarding job calls

Can anyone tell me that whether i should expect some calls from the company or not as my percentile is: quant-97 English-86 logical-72
Total score :178.8

Yes you will get calls. Don’t worry. Your score is good.
Usually a score of 130+ is considered good.

Prepare for technical.
All the best.

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Please help me what are the sources you are followed to get such a great percentage…Please help me .
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It’s nothing just you have to attempt limited questions instead of trying all the questions and you should also manage the time as just try to give 40mins to quant , 40mins to logical and 30 mins to english and remaining 10 mins to mark the answers.You should refer to score good marks and the main thing is just attempt 6-8 questions in quant,4-5 in logical and english is easy so you can easily attempt this section.

Ishan did you get any call?

Yes, i got a call from aptean company but this is my first interview as i am a final year student so i don’t know what will come in the exam

Ok All the best. Did u applied for Vizury Interactive Solutions or cleartrip??