Regarding 20th august CGI event-Event postponed

Did anyone else got mail regarding cgi event on 20th aug… that it has been postponed.

no, not yet.

Yes I got the postponed mail


not yet

not yet

I think its only for “Hyderabad” drive…

My drive is in Chennai.
Any one call tha given cgi number,

Please anyone can tellme till when it is postponed? Because I had travelled to Chennai for this drive from Delhi. If it is postponed for long, I will go back, otherwise will stay. And what about new admit cards?

i have a interview at CGI banglore 20 august 2016, and i dont received any mail regarding postpone of drive. Did you get the mail for postpone of drive at banglore location

No. I have it tomorrow in Bangalore.

guys i too got mail,when it is going to coonduct

Your event is in Chennai?


It’s means Hyderabad and Chennai event are postponed

Any one is going for tomorrow interview in Chennai



When is the postponed date ?

when is the postponed date ?