Re: Principal Global Services for 2021

Has anyone been selected by or been approached by Principal.
If YES, then can you please share your experience?

No updates after the 2nd Interview.

Yeah I been selected by Principal Global Services. After my second Interview I was offered for analyst-trainee designation. The first interview is all about technical stuff and puzzles. Then I had a puzzle test. In the second interview I was asked for real time solutions and was asked for IOT applications in the field. I then had the HR discussion.

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When was your drive date?
Also, I had applied for Principal for the drive on 24th July, but my application is now inactive. Can you tell me what happens now?
Also, will they ever consider me?

I had also applied for principal global solutions but my application got inactive. Can you confirm that on which criteria principal global solutions selected the students.???

Thank you all for the wishes. My drive date was on 28th of June. I got a mail on 27th on being shortlisted. But I got the interview call only after a week. Even if your application is inactive, if PGS announces another drive then your application will become active again. As for the criteria, I think it depends on the PH score(specifically the aptitude part).