Rapidd Technology

Does any body know?startup?

Have u got the call letter ?


I just got the call letter…how will be the programming test ?

i got it. but dont have any idea about the interview process. any1 please guide me

I also got a call from them. Want to know about the company and interview process.

I too got the call from Rapidd Technologies what is the interview process i.e the written test pattern,programming test. I think this is a startup company Can anyone help me

Hey what was ur score? How much score required for startup

I got 195 !! Wat they ask in Programming round ?

Is it necessary to have knowledge in .NET for this job?

is it elitmus’s score? How did you ? help me out bud…m really stuck there

Can anyone share their Interview experience. It would be of great help.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I too got the call for rapidd.Anybody know the interveiw process ?

Hey can you share your score and venue and date of drive.

13 jan banglore

This has a unique process, I found on Glassdoor :rofl:

HR Written
Write about strengths, weaknesses, achievements.
(Elimination round)

Case Study
Group of 5, 6. They will give you a problem and your team solve.

Technical + HR
Personal interview where questions will be of technical concepts and hr.

did you get the call?

Your current location?


yea, i found the same. Though its 4 months old if i am correct. They asked to carry own laptop for programming test for applicant convenience. Yet i am not aware of original process, i am expecting from some one to clear doubt on interview process.