Pune Drive

Anyone from Delhi, attending the upcoming exadatum and 1 more drive ?

r u going ?

Yeah I am going pune tomorrow, you too from Delhi?

yup i m also coming

Best of Luck, hopefully my ticket got confirmed now me too coming

all the best to u too .hows your preparation ?

Preparation is just OK :confused:
How’s your preparation?

mine is not even ok . lets c

people who used to say like this are the one who ■■■■■ the interview :confused:

not in my case

Ha tell me one thing if you are not “even Ok” then why you are going to pune
By expanding money in travelling hotels n ol ?

just for experience and want to know something "kitne pani mei hu "

but i think u r fully prepared thats y expanding that much money

Who said , I Am expanding so much money :open_mouth:
only 3000 expanding for travelling
And my brother lives there working in Whirlpool
So Pune is like home for me I have lived there for long time :slight_smile:
Don’t worry If Any girl with name Geetanjli get selected I am gonna ■■■■ her :smile:
and phir toh mera insaniyat se bharosha vuth jayega :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys do share your experience regarding interview. And yeah all the best to both :wink:

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