Principal global services

I attended interview of principal global services, held on March 17. I again got a call for interview on 22 June 2019. Am I still eligible to attend for the same.

Hey i also attended the interview on 22nd june. How did your interview went? Did you attend all the three rounds. They told me that your interview process for the day is over and you may go now. Does that mean I am rejected. Do they let you attend again in the future. Please help. I am confused.

They will call again if they find your percentile and profile suitable.

Did you attend all the 3 rounds?
They said the same thing to me.

No just one. I was not given any puzzle to solve. While i was sitting in the conference room, some candidates were attempting puzzles in a piece of paper.

My case is the exact same. My interview went exceptionally good but I wasn’t asked to attend any further rounds of interview. Although I was asked all kinds of questions alongside technical questions in the first (and only!) round itself.

In these type of interview, one cannot predict,why one gets rejected. One wrong foot and your gone.

@viyeraditya Did you re-apply for the job from the eLitmus dashboard or did they call you on their own?
Coz I attended a drive of Principal and I wish to reappear for the same, but i need to know how can I reapply.

They called on their own. It depends on status of the interview process I feel.

My status for the interview changed from confirmed to attended. What is yours?

Usually with other companies its changing to Not Selected, but in case of PGS, its still showing attended. I interviewed on June 22nd.