Platform for finding Job apart from elitmus

I gave elitmus test in July .I am at home from last 5 months .It really feels bad .There are really less no of job profiles for Delhi NCR on elitmus .Guys , can you people tell me how you people are searching jobs except from elitmus .Is anyone who has started some kind of coaching for Gate or cat .I found and indeed as useless .please help I am feeling really depressed now .


There are some software jobs in Delhi which you can get by giving Amcat. But caution: You will need 90%+ in all sections to get good companies else only marketing people will call you.

Don’t worry it is something which is not in our hand. So better divert yourself as of now & if possible go for XAT or SNAP or MAT. That will make you busy as well as if you score well in those exam than will be complete turnaround for you. So I suggest u to go for it. For GATE u r too late to start & as you already cracked elitmus so there is similarity in the content as well type.

Don’t feel bad and depressed. I know this phase is a tough one, and most of us here are going through the same. Don’t lose hope.
First decide what do you want to do? Higher studies, M. Tech or MBA, or do you want a job?
If you want to study, then you should start preparing.
[I think its too late now to prepare for these, only a few months left.]

If you want a job, then consider moving to Bangalore. You will get a lot of opportunities. You will be able to attend all elitmus calls you get and also any off-campus drives, if any, being held.
I would not recommend going alone. Ask your friends, make a group and go. Staying as a paying guest would cost you somewhere between 5k - 8k with sharing. You have to sacrifice home comfort and food.

You could also apply to jobs through other sites such as monster, enggwave. There are lots of posts there.
Warning! If you are making accounts in these websites, make sure you make your account and profile private. Accounts are public by default and scammers will download your resume, call you 10 times a day posing as company representatives offering fake interviews and asking for money.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face: