At present i’m working as an Executive Engineer(BE-Electrical-2017 passed out)in a core company,I want to switch to IT as a software developer.I did my Python Course to learn programming. I’m attending elitmus exam on coming march-2018. my question is “Can i apply for IT jobs as a fresher”?? and is it necessary to declare my present work experience.

To be honest, there is not many opportunities for core branches. But I don’t want to discourage you. Do give you best in the test.
There are some great opportunities.
You should declare you work experience, it might help, but be ready to answer “Why do you want to switch to IT?” if you get an interview.

All the best! :slight_smile:

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Thank you… But I do get interviews if i did good in elitmus right…??

If you score good, you will definitely get calls. But it depends if the company is open to stream other than CS\IT.

There are companies, but less. So it will take some time.
I think the score are valid for a year (not sure about this). So you will get some chances.