Pipingrock Coding test 2 aug 17

Will the second coding round held in delhi or bangalore?
What type of question would be asked in the coding round?
If anyone who has given the test could mention any question.

where we have to give first round, i don’t have any details in my mail??

I think it would be a test which we are to take from home at 6 pm but I don’t know why have they attached an interview letter with that…The details would me mailed before 5 pm.

Have anyone received details of first round of piping rock company?

No, not yet.

I am unable to login on codelitmus, anyone else having the same problem?

yes,me too.

me too

Any one has any idea, what type of questions will there be?

Has anyone been able to login???

not yet. Have you ever given any codelitmus exam?

no,this is the first time.

Has anyone able to login??

Not yet.

Probably after 6:00

anybody in?

no…not yet… :joy:

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Its already over 6 pm. Not able to login yet…:disappointed:

no not yet…