pH test result of 7th Jan

I have taken my first pH test today( 7th Jan).When will be the results declared?Can I apply to the jobs meanwhile?

Today’s test was a special test so results will be released early by Jan 9th. (Only for cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune)

Yes, you can start applying to jobs now.

I heard that more drives are held in Bangalore compared to Hyderabad.Is it true?
I’m from Ece stream, what topics can I expect to be asked in interviews?

Yes, compared to Hyderabad, Bangalore has much more number of drives.

Questions asked in interviews depends on the interviewer/ company’s requirement.
Example -

  • Interviews of Dark Horse are purely on Java,
  • In DataMetica I was asked from C, C++, OOPS, Java and Networking.
  • In service based companies like EXA AG, Accenture, they have a general Technical + HR where the main goal is to check your communication skills. So they ask more HR based questions and technical are only basic concepts of C, OOPs, maybe SQL too.
  • Final year project - They ask about the project, your contributions, features, platform used, etc.

Prepare your resume very well. In most interview the first question might be, “Introduce yourself”. What they want is a summary of your resume, skills, etc.

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