Ph test result is withheld for over a month

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i have taken ph test on 12th feb at dehradun centre but i was unable to show my document, so i verified my documents on 12th march at dehradun centre but it’s been a long time and my result is still withheld, please help !!

actually there is a annual holiday of elitmus team. the offies will be opened after 29th of march after that they will release your result.

It’s been 6 days from 29 onwards and my result is still withheld, please help !!

should i lodge my complaint on consumer forum, because it’s almost 2 months delay in my result.

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I am also waiting for my Result,as I forgot to take original certificates at center, now no one is responding me. !! Worst experience of elitmus, I will never suggest about elitmus to anyone.

yes definitely, i am beginning to think it is a scam. their numbers of placement are false haven’t got a single call even after scoring a decent score