pH scores for Jan 7th

Did the pH test score for 7th Jan release? It’s displaying withheld for me even though I’ve submitted my marks sheets…

In my case, it is showing “Your score is being processed, will be released soon”. While it was clearly mentioned in an e-mail that the results will be declared within 2 days for Delhi, Bangalore etc.

Yes, many I know who appeared on 7th have received their scores.

Did you get all documents verified? (X, XII, Graduation)
You should call and see whats holding your results.

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Thanks. I have sent a mail today and will call tomorrow. Yes, all my documents were verified.

I had only 10th marks card on that day with ID proof. So I took everything the next day to their office and cleared it. They even said I would get result. But now it’s just saying scores are withheld.

It may take a week’s time to release marks for withheld candidates as suggested by the person who verified my docs.