PassCode Problem

While applying for a ph test to be held tomorrow i.e. is 24th November , 2020 it is sking to enter a pass code but i dont have any pss code. So what will I do?

I’m giving the test 1st time tomorrow i.e. 24th november , but i dont received any mail about timing and slots of ph test , can anyone help me about this??

I guess we need to book a slot of ph test on our own they wont mail you anything as such and if youre ph test is good then company will hire or give you a call automatically which means you have to pay 850 rs for the test. Now even slots are not available

Actually I registered for the accenture drive and there is no slot booking as such .

Did anyone received any mail from Accenture for 24th drive .



first , when i applied for accenture drive no confirmation mail was sent and pH test asking for certain pass code , which i do not have any idea about . There is no login credential or link is given for test . total mess .

If anyone get any information about Accenture drive then please put forward.

No email has been received regarding the drive on 24th NOV . Also the pH test slots are closed. Have just applied for Accenture .