Opportunity for Delhi/NCR Passouts for banglore

We always get almost 90% of job opportunity from banglore , should we have to go to banglore for the companies or is there is some process by the company for having an interview for guys like us who lives far from banglore , as we can apply for companies but it is really difficult to be available in banglore for company.

Companies mention Job location and Event location on the job post.

Yes, 90% of the time the both locations are Bangalore. There is nothing we can do. Since most companies are in Bangalore, it is easy for them to conduct interviews there.
Coming to another city and setting up a place for the events would be difficult for them so they don’t prefer that.

You can move to Bangalore, live there, then you will get almost all opportunities.
Else, you have to only attend events in Delhi.

thanks a lot !!!

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