Online pH test - System requirements

For the Online pH test, you will have to download and install an external software on your laptop/desktop computer to take the test. The following system requirements to be matched to run the test smoothly

  1. Need an Administrator account to run the test.
  2. No restrictions should be implied on Network and the Application.
  3. Recommended to run on Windows 10. (Incompatible for MAC/Linux OS)
  4. .NET Framework 4.5.1 (comes as optional install with the PACExamBrowser)
  5. Latest Visual C++ Libraries (comes as optional install with the PACExamBrowser)
  6. 70MB free hard disk space.
  7. Minimum 2-MegaPixel Webcam.
  8. Microphone (inbuilt or from an earphone or headphone).
  9. Minimum 1mbps internet connection.

Note : We recommend using a Laptop computer/Desktop computer which has power backup for minimum of 2 hours to avoid the hassle if there is a power failure in between the time of test.