Obopay results

Has anyone received obopay results after the interview held on 29th June?

Have u got any updates yet??? @mekta12

I havenot got any update yet


Just marked “attended” in our profiles, but no mails or call received concerning it.

I wrote to elitums regarsing this. They replied that once the company shares the information with them it will be displayed on our profile.

Let’s see if anyone who received, updates here

@mekta12 No… i havent received any update yet… i wrote to elitmus querry they replied that once the co.pany shares the information it will be displayed on our profile.

Does it show “attended” in your Elitmus profile?

Yep… its showing attended

Any news regarding this?

Not yet

Can anyone please tell me the whole process. On which topic they are asking question.Which topic i have to go through???