Not got offer letter

my drrive was on 21 st jan at dayanand sagar college.I have not got the offer letter while i think some of them got on 2 nd March. How many of u didn’t got and what may be reaoson?

Noone has got offer letter. Only 7th & 15th Jan guys got offer letter today

no buddy 21 jan drive also got.u had ur drive on which date

21st jan

guys one of my friend attended on 8th feb…got offer letter today… even i attend on 8tn feb but i didnt get:sweat:

Hey chandan even i attended drive on 21st jan in bangalore…I have also not got the DOJ…I think by next week they will be issuing it.

When ur friend got offer letter?
And u clarify about the mail you got regarding document ?

ya may be…hp so

7th Jan Bangalore drive ppl got offer letter ??

yes bro

You gave joining location pine?

any delhi guy got offer letter

join this grp for gurugram batch 7th 15th and 21th

those who didnt get offer letter

How to join this group ?

ping me on 7259101910

Is there anyone from Bangalore 7th Jan batch did not get offer letter???

bro i also didnt get and i am form 7th batch

we have created a grp of guys with gurugram if wanna join ping me on above no

Did you apply for ASE position? If yes, is your joining location Gurgaon?

yyea bro

any got reply from helpdesk accenture, I have already dropped 3 mail but no reply…but they say that tyey reply wihin 3 days?