Not Getting Calls from Companies

Hello there!
I have the below mentioned scores in the last pH Test I wrote:
Quant: 84.60
LR: 80.31
VA: 26.76
10th: 78.4%
12th: 88.2%
B.E.: 7.52 CGPA

My friends with lesser percentile than mine are getting calls almost everyday. It’s been a month since I have my score, but still no calls from even a single company. What’s wrong?
Please help.

@dev_3508229 check once if u have entered your b.e. scores in %.

Yes, I have mentioned my scores in % and all the details are correct. Can it be resume problem?

Hi Dev,
What is your pass-out year and engineering stream?
Which companies have you applied to?

Pass-out Year:- 2018
Engineering Stream:- Computer Science
I have applied to every company of Bangalore based location. I never get shortlisted in any one of them.

What’s wrong with my profile?

Is there anything wrong? Like resume, etc.

I don’t think it is a resume problem as the shortlisting is done on pH score first.

I had faced the same problem last year and I have no clue about this. I have received calls from companies offering 9 LPA but at the same time got “Not Shortlisted” status by companies offering 2 LPA!
Some of the same companies call me now, 6 - 8 months after applying.

Have you taken eLitmus test before? or this is your first attempt,…

Yes this was my second attempt. I didn’t score well in my first attempt.