Nirvana results

Did anybody get shortlisted ? If there is any relevent information,do let me know.

The result got declared and the joining also started today…

when did they declare? and how many candidates got selected?

I don’t know… one of my friend got selected…

The test was on friday and they said they will let us know by monday. So maybe, you are talking about their pervious drive.

Okay… then wait for it… coz my friend was also having the drive on Friday but she got the selection after hr round immediately…
The same thing happened to me I was in the first drive they asked me to wait but didn’t declared the result so I called the head of tech…So you also better call the company… Rather then waiting for it.

Oh, in that case, they must be lying to me. No need to ask. This is so common nowadays. I don’t understand why do they do this, can’t they directly tell that you’ve not been shortlisted further. Irritating. :joy:

Well on being safer side with should call them once tomorrow … no matter if some luck works with you :slight_smile:

Na, i got my answer already. :joy:

Your wish… I just don’t want you to rely on my information… That’s it… all the best for future :wink:

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