Nirvana | 2017 batch

Has anyone got offer letter ?

What was the interview procedure and difficulty level? @shashikant_3325019

are you scheduled for the interview ?
it consisted 2 rounds :
1 round - coding, 3 questions in 2 hours
2 round - technical interview

coding round had decent difficulty level

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I am waiting for my PH Score bro.

Did you got the offer letter??.. mine HR interview is scheduled for 22nd

No I have not, They told me That they’ll do the rest on the phone.When did you got the call ? Are you staying in Delhi?

You gave your 3rd round over there?? Actually my 3rd round needed to b done on telephone on 22nd as head of tech is on leave… N no I am in my hometown right now…

No I haven’t, They told me that they will take it on the phone… so will you give HR round on the phone?

What’s your status on nirvana… Mine converted to attempt although it was “confirmed” till yesterdat

@shashikant_3325019 you received any call from nirvana regarding their final response?

no, but my status has been changed to “Not Selected” in elitmus.

Bro what were Da coding questions?

  1. Split a large number into two unequal or equal (k and n-k)parts and check if they are divisible by two numbers given by the user. Example: 12002100 here 1200 is divisible by 12 and 2100 is divisible by 7.
  2. There are two strings and we have to find how many ways are there so that characters can be altered to make strings equal. Example; Ramesh and Rajesh- we have two ways adding j after m in string1 and adding m before j in string2; adding j before m in string 1 and adding m after j in string 2.
  3. Print input string in concatenated zigzag format.
    Zigzag: (for 4 rows)
C      Y      I
O  N   I   R  N
M  A   S   I  G
P      H

Number of rows are entered by user. String is also entered by user.

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Bro the result will be declared between 11 to 15 Sept…It’s not actual ond

you had your HR Interview on phone? because I never got a call from them.

hey, can you share the coding questions?

how many correct solutions were expected from these 3 questions?

I did 1 fully correct. 2nd one 3 testcases passed out of 4. 3rd one incomplete.

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shubham, send the codes pls…!!!