NI test on 6th aug?

Did anyone got written test results ? within how many days will it be declared ?
will we know it through elitmus website or through mail? anyone please tell me .

They told it might take a week.

I got a mail just now stating that I am selected for further interview process and the interview date is 17/08/2017

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When did u give the exam? And will there any change in elitmus website status?

When did u give the exam ?

Is there any change in ur status confirmed.? elitMus page.?.u appeared for 23rd or 6th?

I gave exam on 6th of august.

Status changes to called for interview again n u need to confirm if you want to attend the interview

Wow… congrats then…my is still confirmed . Not even not selected…:frowning:

Even mine is still confirmed only . it means not selected for next round ?

I dunno…but a friend of mine from 23rd July drive got a not selected appearing in place of confirmed

ok fine thn ,might b our papers r still not evaluated.

Let’s hope so…:slight_smile:

Hi in which location you gave your exam on 6th august? Not in blr…

congrats likhitha and al the best for subsequent rounds…where was your test centre btw!!!

Hyderabad all saints school

actually i guess most probably papers of all the centres haven’t been checked… thanks for replying… likhitha…

U r welcome sandeep

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what is written procedure? what type of questions asked in that written exam?

Total 30 questions , 15 from aptitude and 15 technical .Technical thy asked digital ,analog parts and some network based questions .

congrats likhita