NI recruitment

Have anyone received any call from NI recruitment drive on 23rd july?
Also if anyone can tell the pattern of the written test and topics to be prepared.

Yes, I have got a call from NI and also want to know the exam pattern for written test on 23rd July. I searched for it but i couldn’t find an appropriate answer. If anyone know anything about the Test, please share. it would be a big help.
I searched for it on the web but mostly got answers about test being mostly programming based but since its the post for application engineer and not software engineer I am not sure if this is correct. So, I would like to know about this test specifically for Application Engineer Post.

What is your pH score?

I have also got a call and would like to know the pattern of the test.

please share the pattern of test anyone if known

What is your PH score ??

I got call from NI and the test is on 23 July but iam not comfortable with date .can I change my written exam from 23 July to some other date ,if yes how?

what is ur ph score?


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Even i have got a call for interview. my ph score is 210. i did not get any information about test for application engineer, please do share if anyone gets data about it.

Hey did u get a call or an email regarding NI , because even i applied for it bt i have not received any such information regarding test. And is there any cut off for ph score ?

Mam, can you please share the section wise score of you so that we have an idea about cut off.

Quant: 96.8%
Verbal 96.4%
Problem Solving: 97.2%


Hello Pooja can you please tell me which book should I use to study to score 95+ in a month.
I have a family emergency so I left my dreams and finally accepted 9 to 5 job life.
Please help me.

I practiced quant from arun sharma and cryptarithmetic from elitmuszone

I too have the same problem. Are u shortlisted for Webyog as well?

Any one received mail for NI written test in kolkata on 23 july in Khalsa Girls High school .

Thank you so much Pooja.
One more doubt, only quant is sufficient or LR and DI also required from Arum Sharma?

Can you please send the study materials for elitmus on my email id if you have anything else other than Arun Sharma …? specially how can score more in English
I don’t know why scored very low in English

When did you get your admit card for the test?