My E-Litmus score is attached below. What are the chances for getting the interview calls?

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Date Section Scores Percentile
Verbal 11.30 18.04
Problem Solving 37.50 85.04
Quantitative 48.80 91.59

almost zero

I am having good score in Quants and Problem Solving. Even though? What is your score?

believe me its not that much good in quant and ps as well
for reference my score is quant- 110 - 99.81
verbal 105- 93.5
problem solving 60 - 96.5
you score in verbal is a major disadvantage for ur result, u should go for a retake

Okay. Giving retake. The date of giving retake is 28th of May at Mumbai. Can you please suggest me some good material which can help me to get more than 95 percentile in all of the sections.

Man. It’s okay, if you don’t have the answer to explain in brief. Everyone knows that clearing concept is the first and foremost thing. If clearing concept would be the thing, all of us, including you and everyone would be studying in IIM-A or something. I have just created the thread doesn’t mean that you will comment any rubbish.

go with arun sharma for quant, join some fb groups for revision and to see some new question, and m4maths helps a lot. there are many repeated questions from these sites