My chances

Hi guys, I have scored the following in the 2nd April Test.
Sections Score Percentile
Quantative Ability 80 98.61
Problem Solving 80 99.00
Verbal 90 88.59

Please tell me what are my chances. Also, if you can help me with interview tips. I am 2017 passing out.

how did you got those results? even I wrote the test on 2nd april and waiting for results?

I got those results today only. When I logged in to my elitmus profile, it showed that your results are declared. I saw it.

You will be the first one for any interview call @apoorva_3321133 … best of luck

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Thank you @amit_3313719 . Can you give some interview tips or some sites where I can find materials for interview??

Hi guys, I have scored the following in the 2nd April Test.
Sections:::: Percentile
Quantative Ability:::: 97.58
Problem Solving:::::: 90.42
Verbal::::::::::::::::::::: 99.52

Please tell me what are my chances. Also, if you can help me with interview tips. I am 2018 passing out.
Is there any criteria to select student on the basis of passing year???

Dont worry! Actually it depends on the location of the test center. So just wait. :slight_smile:

Yeah! Actually now there will be chances for 2017 mostly and some for 2016. But yeah i saw some companies who asks for intern and they will ask your college permission for doing 6 months training and after that you did it successfully then you will be given offer for a full time employer.
The main thing here is ,you will have to do internship for 6 months if you are selected.
Rest you have a decent score to get call from all companies.
All d best! :slight_smile:

The Score is decent. Obviously you will get call from every company :wink:
Now for interviews it depends upon your branch. If you are from CS(as i am ) then clear your basics on one main language (C/C++/JAVA). Have knowledge about your Academic projects and internship.
At last ,The main is Data Structure and Algorithms and some communication skills.
Thats all!
All d best! :slight_smile:

Hey, I have got a problem with my educational profile, My year of completion and year of joining is same due to some problem . How can I rectify this problem and what is the vulnerability of this issue???
Any insight about it will be appreciated.

Yeah contact elitmus regarding this. Surely they will guide you. Just send an email with appropriate info. :slight_smile:

Hi friends, I am 2016 passout from CSE branch.My score is 156.3
Verbal 63.80 score
Problem solving 52.50
Quantitative 40.00
Please tell me what are my chances?

What’s your percentile??? You mentioned score rt…

Verbal- 71.13%
Problem solving-93.88%

Quite descent marks, some companies will surely send call letters ,But I would suggest you to take elitmus one more time, If possible.

No call from Elitmus, inspite of good PH score. Very sad experience, so many applications, from Jan. onwards, only one call I managed till date at Bangalore.

What is your score?


I still didn’t get my results. I had given the test on april 2nd should I need to contact elitmus group or is it better to wait for 2 more days?

from where you prepare for the Problem Solving section @abhishek_3320081