My chances of getting calls

Quant 97
Verbal 99.55
Lr 33
Electronic and instrumentation
My chancea

Sorry bro, you will not get calls.
While you have excellent score in Verbal and Quants, your score in LR is too low.

LR is the main section whose marks matter and majority of companies want high score in LR.

My percentile is:-
quant-97 verbal-86 and logical-72
what are my chances of getting calls from the company?

You may get calls. Have you applied to any companies yet?

Yes i have applied but right now not a single company has started their selection process and i am from 2018 batch

If you are from 2018 batch and you could take another shot at the test and aim for 90+ percentiles in all sections.
It will greatly improve the chance of getting calls.

verbal - 37.70
quant- 76.73
prob solving - 97.90
should i expect some calls which i m not getting or should go for another e litmus exam? desperately in need of a job…2017 pass out… any other recommendation? please help…

I guess low score in Verbal is the problem.
Which companies did you apply to?

Take another test and try to score 90+ in all sections.

i applied to almost every company till now…got interview call from attra infotech though…