My chances of getting call letter?

I have score : 82.26 percentile in verbal, 75.15 per in problem solving, 63.69 in Quant
pls suggest me

What is your total score.

I suggest you take the exam again and try to score 85-90 percentiles.

78 mark in verbal, 26 in ps, 15 in quant…total mark 120 (aproxi)
and total per is 73%

Hey there ,I am from 2016 batch but due to some reasons I was only able to get myself graduated in 2017 ,can I expect job opportunities as a fresher with decent scores? if yes then for how long?Please resolve .

I can’t exactly say up to when companies will hire 2016 batch.
But maybe up to March/April.
Right now, I see only 1 job post by CloudAccel Soft India Pvt Ltd which is taking both 2016 and 2017.

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Thank you .

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