Mtech freshers 2017

I have seem Only 1 or 2 companies given notification for mtech freshers . Can Mtech freshers 2017 Btech(2015) apply for Btech fresher jobs???

You can apply but you won’t get a call since they want B.Tech Freshers.
Yes, there are very few jobs for M. Tech here.

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I am also M tech fresher ,I have applied to many companies but haven’t received any interview call.

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There could be many reasons you are not getting calls.

  1. Your gap in education (as you’re a B.E -2013, M.TECH- 2017 )
  2. Your mechanical background
  3. Most of companies listed on Elitmus are IT/ITes and your experience of 1+ year as a maintenance engineer is irrelevant to them.
    Keep applying ,additionally brush up your CS fundamentals or Gain indepth knowledge of a Programming language (As per current market demand ,Python would be good to go) .
    #Also Try through walkins if you are technically sound enough , you will be go through…
    Cheers and All the Best.
    P.S. These are all my opinion and suggestion to you. Choice and decision is all yours. After all Im a fresher and looking for a job.
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