Motorola Take from Home Challenge

Hi Guys,
Did anyone tried logging into the Codelitmus for Motorola Take from Home Challenge.

m not able to login

yes i tried… but it says… you are not a registered user…

it is saying not a registered user…what to do now?

maybe the test is not online yet…??? we should wait…

please do let everyone know… if you guys are able to login…

Ok sure.


Still getting “You are not registered user”.

not able to login yet

got a mail now

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m also not able to login!!

yeah i too got a mail… It says, there’re some technical issues… It might take some time to make the site up and running… So relax guys…

now able to login … dont know if can start now or have to wait for the mail now.

Do anybody know… When will be results of this exam declared.?

What is this ?? Did u give motorola coding round??? Please ans what issues u faced??

Hey any new about the result of Motorola Online Test?

Any idea on the type of questions asked in the Motorola take from home challenge?