Mitsubishi hitachi walk in drive 9th Oct

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Does anyone have idea about the process of the upcoming GET role for mhps india?

Even I want to know . When will we know whether we are shortlisted for interview or not ?

No imformation till now.

Belonging from north of india, getting tickets during the puja season would also be a headache during that time if i get shortlisted to say the least.
Elitmus should do something about it.

same problem. I heard some got shortlisted. Want to know whether there will be another list about interview or not.

It’s still showing attended no status changed till now? Is there someone who got any update after the test ?

You gave the exam? I didn’t receive any mail for exam links or anything my percentile is 95.9?till How much percentile they have shortlisted

yes… My friend’s friend only applied but did not give the exam, he got a message saying that he is shortlisted.

Slow claps then for the company.

Slowly I’ll start hating this online portal

HI Bro. . Bro my online test is tomorrow… so, what types of quistion basically they were asking. I think u gave online test…

is this percentile of ur pH score or did u give any online test

ph score i am talking about

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Did anyone received any updates regarding interview as the drive is on 13 th October?

No bro…I am also waiting for that…