Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System 2nd round

Any imformation regarding result of 1st round of aptitude test given from home?
Is there someone who got selected for 2nd round?

When did you give online test from home?

?? What @sridhar_kumar_balaga

29 sept @rohitgavade

You r from which branch?


yes I got the mail for the second round technical test

now i also got…where r u from?

I am in bangalore

Do u have any idea what they ask in technical round

naah bro …it is written round.

ok bro

anyone from delhi??

Are there any other candidates who got selected for 2nd round or got any mail related to your first round status???

I did"nt get till now.when will you get mail.

when exactly did you guys get the mail?

Me also did"nt receive any mail .

i got mail that :- Congratulations on getting shortlisted for MHPS written Technical Test round. …

Is second round online or in banglore? I m from chemical branch…any1 got confirmation about 2nd round from chemical??

In banglore. So u will attend?