Mindtree offer letter

If anyone who passed tech n hr round today got the offer letter,pl inform… they told us that theyll send mail by today if selected.

Yes please… anyone who gets offer/confirmation letter please inform

I got it just now

me too

I too got.

Guys…what about creating a Whtsp group ???its always difficult to login and access the adda every time…so whats ur opinion???

Yes… please make a whtsap group…
Someone add me on grp

Add me too to the ■■■■■■■■ group …
N can u please tell me what sort of questions were asked in the technical n hr round ?? It will really be very helpful …thanks in advance :slight_smile:

U got through amcat ah …and u r interview on which date and place it has happened ?? We have attended through amcat but we didn’t still get the offer letter