Mindtree next round call letter

anyone got call letter for next round of mindtree ,coding round happened on 27 nov 2017?

did u get?


Not yet.

No not yet when shall we get…? Why is it getting too late.?

I mailed them abt this then they replied - “Once all codes are evaluated, shortlisted candidates will be intimated about interviews.”

they havn’t evaluated the codes yet?

what about the drive in Delhi.
They never came there,many people are waiting for that .
Their drive was supposed to be held on 29th,but they never came.

At least they should intimidate if the event is postponed.

ya thats what i meant.I was so looking forward to this company.
Even E-Litmus guys are not doing anything.
They could have atleast removed the job or made the company to give new dates for the drive.

Can u tell me what r the questions they asked in the 1st round?

Questions r not difficult. Fst one was easy and second one was medium type. Only u can pay attention on the ide and test cases.