Mindtree interview call letter

Did anyone receive the call letter for mindtree whose first round was conducted before 2 weeks???

Yes. Received mail for second round.

U r already selected for cisco…ri8???

Second round in the sense! Coding or HR round?

Its written as technical round…

Coudnt get through Cisco written test.

Technical interview followedby HR interview.

Got call letter for 2nd round(TR) on 22nd Dec 2017.

for mindtree??



when was your coding round and location?

Is anyone able to download the hall ticket for the interview on 22nd, December?
In my case, when I click on generate admit card, it downloads the admit card for the coding round held on 27th November.

I compiled both of the code with all test cases .but I don’t get call letter.

Compiled or executed ?

Yeah, its downloading fine.

I too have passed all the test cases of both the coding questions but haven’t received interview call. What was your exam date & timing?

Anyone who attended the coding exam(and executed both the codes) on 27th of November(11:00 - 13:00 batch) received interview call?

me too bro.I have also compiled both of them with all test cases .but I don’t get call.

Yes bro,my coding round was on 27th Nov,and also executed both the codes with all test cases passes and i received the interview call latter which is held on 22nd Dec 11:00 Am .