MindTree 29 NOV 2017 Delhi Drive

Anyone got the call letter (admit card) for 29 Nov Delhi drive till now ?
If Yes , Could you please mention your ph score in percentile ?

didint called yet,sooon i hope

Waiting and still waiting. :expressionless:

it’s 28 Nov today… anyone got call for 29 Nov Delhi MindTree drive?

Nope.But I got call for dark horse.Has anyone else got it?

if anyonet got call so please mention here

priyanka what is the venue of dark horse drive?

DELHI: eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited 301- 3rd Floor, Lakshmi Bhavan, 72 Nehru Place New Delhi- 110019

I got the call letter of dark horse for tomorrow

Dark horse HAHAHAHAH
wait and watch.
get ready to face 1hr skype interview with knowledge from all fields of CSE.
Not just knowledge,thorough knowledge.

anyone got call letter for mindtree delhi based ?

Yeah,I know about the rounds. I’m also worried.Instead of discouraging me you could share some of the questions,it would be a great help.

have you got mind tree call letter ?

Today I went to the office of elitmus, Delhi. I asked them about Mindtree drive. They don’t have any idea about the date of the drive as they haven’t received any information from Mindtree.

sorry but i am all depressed.
i dont have anything to motivate myself,how do u expect me to help you.
Still i wrote all the best.
Its the best i can do

Same here dude.
Why is there so much hype about elitmus? Everyone around is like you have good scores in elitmus, Life set hai teri :rage::rage::rage:


Hello everyone,
Does anybody have idea Regarding the drive of mindtree in Delhi.It’s been almost two week late according to event date mentioned in JD.
or it might be possible that they won’t conduct drive in Delhi.?
if they conduct the drive then by what time?
Please do share your idea.

hey did u get call letter for jaipur drive mindtree on 14th?

Nope…i haven’t applied through AMCAT.

Did u get the call…?