Mindtree 27th nov. drive

Has anyone got a mail for interview from mindtree after coding test for 27th nov. drive?

Not Yet…

any idea when they are going to conduct interviews?

Pls anyone can tell me their pH score ??


Probably on 28, 29 and 30th Nov.

Did any one got the cal after the coding test till now?

Not Yet.

what’s your status?
Mine is still “confirmed”.

Yaa it’s Still showing confirmed status

Exactly , lets see …

Could you please suggest me how to score good pH as I am preparing for up coming test. my mail dharmatejavemulapalli1996@gmail.com, eagerly waiting for your email.


Mine is still showing “confirmed” only

Same here.

Did any one get the interview call for mind tree 27th nov coding test its already 29th november please inform

No bro.No call upto now.
What’s your status in jobs section?

Please tell asap when anyone got information about further Proceedings.

I think results of coding round on 22nd is not yet announced. All my test cases of both programs got passed , I didnt got the call yet

What is your status …
Confirmed or attended?