Mindtree | 2017 batch

did anybody got interview call letter for mind tree delhi drive ?

not yet

what is the expected score for mindtree interview call?

Me too,I have applied for the Interview but haven’t got any email regarding about interview.

Siddhant What are your Scores?

I got a call

Got mindtree call for coding test on 6th Jan in delhi… Anyone know what type of coding questions come for mindtree?

Congrats!!.Shubham .What are your total scores is it more than 70 or less than 70 ?actually my scores are in between 70 to 100?

me too got it just now|

Do u have idea about the coding test?

Actually My score is 180… And I seriously don’t know the minimum marks required to get the call

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Thanks for your precious time and letting me know about the scores,your scores are pretty awesome.thanks again and best of luck!!

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@shubham_3351632 i have a interview call .

@sonali_3443805 I think 100+ is required for MindTree but not sure.

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Congrats bro. Do u have any idea about the questions in the coding round?

you too bro, you have to write logic in c/ c++/java, there will be 2 question (moderate to medium) u can pick any of this language to write your code.

Thanks… And if your score is between 70 to 100…then don’t panic… Prepare for a while and give elitmus again to improve the score. In my first attempt, my score was 43. Then I prepared for 1 month and then re applied for elitmus

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can any onehow much score is required fro mindtree

To get call from mindtree through eLitmus,you must have score more than 70th as well as each of the sectional score must not be negative.