Mind tree

Does any one got call from MINDTREE, any one knows about Recruitment process, please explain

I got call from last friday. The process is eassy,gd,technical,hr.

Is there is any programming round???

when u applied

on jan 1st

can you tell me how many people they have selected out of how many came for the drive

total 300 members,they selected 200 only in first round.In that 300 not only ellitmus they call institutes members also.

I dont remember when i applied but my interview date is 20th Dec.

did you got selected ? if yes how many they have selected finally. Thank you :slight_smile:

Is it necessary to attend drive if u have accepted the offer

It is not possible to decline an event invite post acceptance of the same. You will be marked “No Show” and will be considered by the company during their next drives if any.

Please note that the companies can see how many times you have been marked as a “No Show” in the past across all the companies. If they see more than 3 No Shows, they may not shortlist you thinking that you are a non serious candidate.

Jadhow r u sure about the above post

do you get call letter

mind tree interview process 1st round is essay writing they will give two topics we need to select one and write essay on that.
2nd round is jam session they will give any topic or we need to choose any topic
3rd round is technical and hr which will be the final round
all the rounds are eliminating rounds.

My total score is 101
Verbal- 56.30(62.34%ile)
Logical- 30(78.56%ile)
Quant- 15(62.33%ile)
Did I get interview call from mindtree or not…
Pls suggest me as soon as possible…

u will definitely get call…bcoz I already attended the drive with the same scores…

Ive total 85+ percentile
Ive happlied bt I din’t get cal letter still
What would be the problem…

Can you tell me about different rounds of mindtree? From above conversation I got to know there will be no coding round but guys who were called through amcat, they had the coding round. I am bit confused please give me the exact information

Mindtree is famous for its coding round. Expect a coding round. I have always heard about a coding round whenever Mindtree was the recruiter.