Metricstream Resullt

when will they announce the result of coding test of metricstream

Did you solve all the questions?

Yes, I solved all the questions

no 4 out of 5… what about you bro?


All queetions except 2nd question’s test case

What was second question’s query(order by)?

select month_date,no_of_orders from orders order by no_of_orders desc,month_date desc limit 5

Does it check for duplicate no_of_orders? I don’t think so.

bro but there is no distinct element so applied this… and its run successfully

You are right but it didn’t pass the testcases

its passes all the test cases in exam

may be in sql there is no test cases thats y …

how much time you take to finish the test?

2 hour

Plz inform if anyone received any newz related to result

I got only two coding test. I didn’t get any SQL query.

did anyone got the call?

I got call for interview which is on 30th march 2018

I have also been selected.Is there any way to attend the interview on another date or venue?