Guys, did anyone got any reply from maxxton after the practical test which was held on 27 august??

Yes, I did not made it to second round. I checked with maxxton on email Id they mailed us our hall Id. Now even elitmus showing status changed to not selected. Did your code worked perfectly?

Yes, i got the email regarding 1st round. But i was not selected. I am curious to know that did anyone got selected in coding round??

I didn’t got any email from Maxxton but my status in elitmus website is showing not selected.

what was ur ph score?

what question are they asked in practical test.

what are the question in practical test.

whatare the questions asked in practical test.

It was a real world problem that need to turn into program. I have good experience with programming and I find the problem very easy, I don’t know about you. But you must need to prepare collection, specially data casting in collection and Dates and operations on dates. You will have 3 hours time and internet available. It will be a good experience but I think program should work exactly as they asked otherwise you wont get call for further rounds.
If you are at pune, I will suggest you must go and If you are outside the pune, If worthy only you have good hands on programming and can solve any problem.
Problem will be like a class A have a timetable and class B have their timetable. compare both timetable and give time and date when class A and class B both are free.
All the best.

how to create the tables in java without using jdbc connections. You have any idea on that please tell me.

take a two dimension string or any data structure. and then pass it into collection.addall() function.
You just check it out. It’s functionality is just like a table and that is what you need there. I have seen the same review on glassdoor and it means that same.

hoe to find the difference between the leaves taken taken by the employee.

that’s pretty easy man, you would have dates, convert that into date using SimpleDateFormat class in java, then just compare them using if else condition with date functions after() or before();
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