Mavenir Systems

Who all got shortlisted for Mavenir Systems 22nd april


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Are you going ?

anyone knows what kind of questions they will ask in written ?

Whats your location ?

electronic city

yes i am going

what is your score??

u haven’t got @yasharthi_2914870 ??


your score ?? branch ?


IT 2016 batch score is 130+ n yours???

Computer science and 120 +

I’m shortlisted. But due to some ugrent family issues I’m in my native place. is it possible to reschedule the interview.

Bro have you read abt its reviews @kushal_3145389

no you can’t

no have you ?? is it good or bad ?

Most reviews say that there is no work life balance

@mayank_3288439 yeah bro but first we will go there and see if we will select thereafter we will decide should we join or not !!!

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